Live Music at The Bell

"The Bell has always been a key part of Bath's live music scene, often giving musicians their first break and always providing music that is vibrant, diverse and free." - Peter Gabriel

The Bell has live music three times a week (Monday from 9pm, Wednesday from 8.30pm and Sunday lunchtimes from 1pm) ranging from jazz to blues to folk to roots to some things we are not sure what to call.

 January 2015 LISTINGS

Sunday 4th January (lunchtime)

Burgess & Slide

You may still have a bad head so we'll be gentle with you. B&S might be whiskey soaked but they be using sponge fingers to soak it up; neat country-ish songwriting and classy playing.  [website link]

Monday 5th January

The Doubtful Guest

Luckiy these boys don't behave like the Edward Gorey tale whence the name is derived: except maybe on New Year's Eve. Lone star state of mind: in the genuinely one-horse town where they live they are indeed the only country stars. [website link]

Wednesday 7th January

Plucky Purcell

OK that's enough moping around, jump into 2015 like you mean it tonight with the bass-driven moustache frenzy of Bath's most popular beat combos. There's fun to be had and youd be foolish to miss it: come here and be foolish and enjoy it instead. [website link]

Sunday 11th January (lunchtime)

The GlowGlobes

Some of us remember Laura from waaay back in Hat days when as an Absolute Darling she rambled into our Open Mic; well now in many ways she's come full circle back to that same vibe, only with a different guitar player and backing, and a swingier feel as well as quality own-hand material. [website link]

Monday 12th January

Count Bobo & The Bullion

Squeezing them in on a Monday 'cos one or another of them is flitting off round the world till who-knows-when, Count Bobo, featuring Dan & Grae from Mandibles etc., are in fact one of the finest (and more muso) classic ska orchestras in the region. Theophilous Beckford lives! [website link]

Wednesday 14th January

Poor Old Dogs

Poor they may be (give generously when the collection comes round), but old not a bit of it, and as for dogs, well, only by habit. Ruffian attitude hits some actual folk music and a few tunes that sound like it too. Enjoyment ensues. [website link]

Sunday 18th January (lunchtime)

Pete Gage Band

Gospel-infused (and indeed enthused) Blues from one of the West's most experienced singer/musicians, and one who as is usual in these cases can command sidemen of major quality too. Classic pub blues - in excelsis.  [website link]

Monday 19th January

Fish & Bird

Story of the decade is the startling quality of bands touring small-scale from Canada. So here's another, they're over for Celtic Connections and will be lauded accordingly. Equal parts indie/folk/old-time/experimental. Yes they really are that ambitious and yes they really are good enough to. [website link]

Wednesday 21st January

Hot Border Special

OO rather looking forward to this one... Afro-funk with more than a single shot of some psychovoodoo mind messing, yet never losing that beat. Come this time of the month you're really going to need one of these. [website link]

Sunday 25th January (lunchtime)


For Pete's sake: this isn't actually four Petes but heading that way with the multi-talented multi-instrumentalist stylings of Messr.s Judge, P, and Wilk, P, in the front line, playing an international café style folk/jazz veering from Moscow to Rio and back. [soundcloud link]

Monday 26th January

Screamin' Miss Jackson & the Slap Ya Mama Big Band

These boys and girls hang out and otherwise feign working at a series of hostelries over Bristol way that have the live music thing as close to their heart as we have. The music is on the rowdier end of the Americana/skiffle/cheap suit thing, and all the better for that. Come try some.

Wednesday 28th January


Right back into serious party season with this Cardiff bunch not at all afraid to label themselves eccentric, 'cos that means they can mix anything from funk to balkan to hiphop into their wardrobe, and nobody cares: we just keep dancing. [website link]