Live Music at The Bell

"The Bell has always been a key part of Bath's live music scene, often giving musicians their first break and always providing music that is vibrant, diverse and free." - Peter Gabriel

The Bell has live music three times a week (Monday from 9pm, Wednesday from 8.30pm and Sunday lunchtimes from 1pm) ranging from jazz to blues to folk to roots to some things we are not sure what to call.


Saturday 2nd May

World Government

Vote Funk! Vote impro! Vote to reject the dogma of pre-arranged song structures! Vote Revolution! All Hail the Funk! Special Bank Holiday Weekend extra show from Bell favourites.

Sunday 3rd May (lunchtime)


Heading East with a fair wind that has blown this long-missed bunch of cross-border clandestinos back to a mooring here... And blown the cobwebs away too. Eastern Bloc, Eastern Med., Easton.

Monday 4th May

The Cyborgs

You won't have seen much like these guys before, but round here we're more interested in what they sound like, and we've rarely heard blistering electro- blues sound quite so interestingly weathered. And as for the rest, well it'll be memorable...

Wednesday 6th May


Premium Afro-international sounds from increasingly in-demand Bristol dance powerhouse, warming up for some major festival action in the summer. Never fails to hit the spot.

Sunday 10th May (lunchtime)

The Mike Hoddinott Blues Allstars

Old school good school. The irrepressable Mr H has been drummer in demand for the very best players hereabouts, in blues and indeed beyond, which means he can call on a crew of equal experience when he needs to. This gig strictly for the good times.

Monday 11th May


Must be maximum class week. Sublime percussionist/vocalist Tammy Payne has recruited three other Bristol legends to do that thing they do in a Latin/groove/souljazz mode. Rare grooves rarely bettered.

Wednesday 13th May

The George Mabusa Group

Still more classic westside excellence, the GMG was convened as a way to remember the wayward talent of a fine saxophonist & writer, and has since also become a jolly good reason for a Handful of top Bristol-town musos to play joyful Carnival Caribbean style rhythm & groove.

Friday 15th May


Sunday 17th May (lunchtime)

The Gaulois Brothers

Smokin'! But these are the Gaulois that are good for you - Djangology and the swing thing with a sprinking of other flavours in the spirit of the Sunday kitchen. Can be hard to pull this lineup together nowadays so should be savoured when the opportunity presents.

Monday 18th May

Bayou Seco

Ken & Jeanie's journey though history and geography, through music, to the heart of the Southern States. A stealth learning experience: you won't feel you're being taught but the tradition is (im)planted in the spaces between the notes.

Wednesday 20th May


Who would have guessed that Bath of all places could birth a top little Latin band, but the city continues to live beyond the clichés and K'Chevere continue to have us dancing in the aisles of Waitrose. Walcot-raised, every time they play here feels like a homecoming.

Friday 22nd  - Monday 25th May


Sunday 24th May (lunchtime)

Nick Parker and The False Alarms

Charming chap who made our acquaintance at Farmer Eavis' garden party last year. Folk-ish songwriter with some actually rather good ones in his bag, and half of one of our favourite combos (Flipron) in the band too. Doesn't take himself so seriously, which in a musical world of bearded earnestness is a useful change.

Monday 25th May

Cardboard Fox

Utterly top made-in-Bath proposition for acoustic exploration, taking four musicians whose feet are in the Bluegrass but for whom the sunny summer skies are the limit. Laura & Charlotte Carrivick, John Breese, Joe Tozer, all 'names' individually, but this is the combo they’re really excited about.

Wednesday 27th May

The White City Shakers

Not in fact from The White City (unless that's a new name for Midsome Norton), the WCS are Somerset's contribution to the stateside string band boom, but never fear, they play that sound not only with the feeling, but also an energy that comes from decades in other bonzer bar bands. Top night in prospect.

Sunday 31st May (lunchtime)

Garance et les Mitochondries

French acoustic cabaret chansonnière of immaculate taste (mais bien sûr) and internationalist influences, with accordion, fiddle, double-bass, etc. Introduced to us by other globetrotting troubadouzies of our acquantance. You will be charmed.