mandolinsmall1"The Bell has always been a key part of Bath's live music scene, often giving musicians their first break and always providing music that is vibrant, diverse and free." - Peter Gabriel

The Bell has live music three times a week (Monday from 9pm, Wednesday from 8.30pm and Sunday lunchtimes from 1pm) ranging from jazz to blues to folk to roots to some things we are not sure what to call.

There are more bands every Week in the Love Lounge too. [more info]

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July 2014 LISTINGS

Wednesday 2nd July


These chaps just debuted at Glastonbury with us at the weekend and were frankly superb. Prog/psych with great harmonies. If you like Yes you'll love this, but also if you hate Yes too... [soundcloud link]

Sunday 6th July (lunchtime)

Kevin Brown (& band)

Slide guitar king back where he ought to be, on stage. Always a treat and this time a celebration too. [website link]

Monday 7th July


The unstoppable Mr Crofton puts body & soul into a great set of original tunes, many by Martin Jenkins (keys) of Rhythmites etc.

Tuesday 8th July

Match the Hat Club  - Love Lounge - [more info]

Wednesday 9th July


Ev Newman, he of more great groove bands than you could shake yer muddy boots at, here in sparky new project to play you surprising tunes you thought you knew, but in a different stylee. [Facebook link]

Sunday 13th July (lunchtime)

Pilgrims' Way

Adept and deeply original nu-trad trio, a classic collective for future prizing. The tradition is not only safe with these guys, it is growing. [website link]

Monday 14th July

Sarah Jane Scouten

Contemporary Canadian Country (yes we have had a lot of that recently) whose songs manage to combine acute observation with non-introspective tempo and tunes. Great little band too. [website link]

Tuesday 15th July

Match the Hat Club - Love Lounge - [more info]

Wednesday 16th July

Count Bobo & The Bullion

The mysterious Count certainly has plenty of treasure stashed away, tho' it's mostly of the nature of wonderful early ska instrumental numbers. Cedric Brooks lives! [website link]

Sunday 20th July (lunchtime)

Phil King

Subtle and supple vocals mark out Mr King as something special, that and his quality songwriting. A Sunday Afternoon Classic! [website link]

Monday 21st July


Klezmer and Eastern tunes, thumping rhythms, high energy, big fun. There you have it! The luckier customers have caught them before and will need no encouragement to be in tonight. [website link]

Tuesday 22nd July

Match the Hat Club - Love Lounge - [more info]

Tuesday 22nd July

Johnny G and Jamie Matthews

Yer actual Walcot Classic, the dynamic duo haven’t played here for something like 200 years but you can bet they remember the tunes, will mysteriously add some new ones by symbiosis, and will be as great as ever. All this on a Tuesday...

Wednesday 23rd July


It's Haile Selassie's Birthday (he would have been 122, fact fans) and as he has a special connection with Bath (look it up) we thought we'd celebrate with this classic Bristol roots institution. [website link]

Thursday 24th July


Energetic, enigmatic and ever so slightly eccentric gipsy dance band with some great original material and onstage silliness, featuring the sublime Gina Griffin on violin. Another new favourite for you all. [website link]

Sunday 27th July (lunchtime)

The Two Man Gentleman Band

Old Time and Vaudeville marks the parameters of the music, but it's the performance (the clue is in the Gentleman bit) that makes them really special. The Gents are touring from the States and mostly to bigger venues but made friends with us a few years ago and wanted to come back. Grab the opportunity! [website link]

Monday 28th July

Gren Bartley & Tom Kitching

Tom's second visit this month, but when we're offered a session of the duo with the wonderful Mr Gren we just had to grab it. Folk & Blues with authority and originality. [website link]

Tuesday 29th July

Match the Hat Club - Love Lounge - [more info]

Wednesday 30th July

The WooHoo Revue

Oh gracious, you are so much in for a treat. Touring from Oz, the WooHoos play breakneck tempo Balkan style melodies over a variety of dance beats (not just the ubiquitous Jamaican ones). We met them at Glastonbury and were absolutely blown away by the energy and quality. In a small venue this is going to be such a hot night. Cancel all other appointments. [website link]