Live Music at The Bell



"The Bell has always been a key part of Bath's live music scene, often giving musicians their first break and always providing music that is vibrant, diverse and free." - Peter Gabriel

The Bell has live music three times a week (Monday from 9pm, Wednesday from 8.30pm and Sunday lunchtimes from 1pm) ranging from jazz to blues to folk to roots to some things we are not sure what to call.

There are more bands every Week in the Love Lounge too. [more info]

December 2014 LISTINGS

Monday 1st December

The FB Pocket Orchestra

Ragtime, Hot Jass and other Prohibition favourites from the '20s, the '30s and earlier. One step beyond Swing! Pocket Orchestra isn't like Pocket Billiards except it does a lot with small resources... [website link]

Tuesday 2nd December

Match The Hat Club in the Love Lounge [more info]

Wednesday 3rd December

The Zen Hussies

THE pioneer retro-rocketeers in the region, but the Trademark of Quality in their case is the original material generated by venerated motormouth Prof. Flatfoot. Superb players too, suitable for all contemporary dance styles and footwear. [website link]

Sunday 7th December (lunchtime)

Rory Ellis

Blues & alt-country raconteur from the land of Oz, Rory's one of the few people we allow to fly solo in here 'cos he can hold a crowd spellbound and tell you off if your attention wanders too far. [website link]

Monday 8th December

Dakhla Brass

Probably the hottest thing in local hornithology at the moment, new expanded lineup, seriously some of the finest players in the West enjoying themselves, and a sound few can get close to. Will make a great export if the rest of the country/world cops and earful. [website link]

Tuesday 9th December

Match The Hat Club in the Love Lounge [more info]

Wednesday 10th December


We go way way back with these boys, and their reading of the blues into funky hiphop has always seemed the most natural thing. What isn't altogether natural is that a band of this calibre is still playing small gigs to get by (they rock the big ones too) but that will make for an especially early party season for you lucky people. [website link]

Sunday 14th December (lunchtime)

Bill Smarme & The Bizness

And behold on the 14th day there came three wise men (and a lady bassist, does that make her unwise?) from the East (well just about, Combe Down, it depends where you're standing) bearing gifts what they had bought in the garage up Wellsway. Ding Dong. [website link]

Monday 15th December

Brass Junkies

8-piece Bristol allstar inspired by the classic Noo Awlins revival of the Rebirth, Dirty Dozen, Hot 8 etc., as well as the jazz end of the JBs (Fred, Maceo, Peewee). It's where the funk came from, played here with respect and the requisite sense of fun. [soundcloud link]

Tuesday 16th December

Match The Hat Club in the Love Lounge [more info]

Wednesday 17th December

Hot Tin Roofs

These are the cats that have given the ubiquitous swing thing a lick or two where it counts ('cos they can). Sassy singer, sharp players, '40s swing & jump edging into '50s RnB - and stylish with it. [website link]

Saturday 20th December


Special Seasonal Saturday gig - so while we were tearing the rulebook up we thought we'd invite these outwest funketeers back 'cos they went down so well a couple of months ago. [website link]

Sunday 21st December (lunchtime)

Winter Solstice Special

Beth Porter & Jools Scott and friends/relations/availables playing mostly seasonal music from the traditional to the surprising. And you can buy their CD (or Beth's new album) if you've not got all your presents in yet!

Monday 22nd December

Flight Brigade

New Generation Acoustic Rock with folk instruments, exciting instrumental work boosting great original songs. Could be a new favourite band coming your way! [website link]

Saturday 27th December


Absolutely the best classic ska band in the area, through whose ranks have passed many the local star. There won't be a better party anywhere else in town tonight. [myspace link]

Sunday 28th December (lunchtime)

Sgt. Pepper's Only Dart Board Band

Second-to-last gig before retiring for noted local Beatlers. Always fun and immaculately done - and luckily none of them are either dead or annoying at their age. [website link]

Monday 29th December


Reggae lineup from the Contraband beats crew. Edenheight & Dub From Atlantis bassheads address rocksteady and classic roots sound with the usual style and serious skillz. [Facebook link]

Wednesday 31st December

NYE  PARTY! - Full details here