mandolinsmall1"The Bell has always been a key part of Bath's live music scene, often giving musicians their first break and always providing music that is vibrant, diverse and free." - Peter Gabriel

The Bell has live music three times a week (Monday from 9pm, Wednesday from 8.30pm and Sunday lunchtimes from 1pm) ranging from jazz to blues to folk to roots to some things we are not sure what to call.

There are more bands every Week in the Love Lounge too. [more info]

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August 2014 LISTINGS

Sunday 3rd August (lunchtime)

Ma Polaine's Great Decline

A hard one to describe, try it this way: if you've liked any music from more than 2 non-consecutive decades from the '30s to the 2000s you'll find a lot here and you'll likely be grateful for the introduction. Roots time-travellers! [website link]

Monday 4th August

Dai & The Ramblers

Swing, old school (aka. 'real') R'n'B, even Zydeco collide in this internationalist rootsfest. And there are only 4 of them (fiddle, accordion, bull fiddle and guitar). And, no, Cynthia, they're from London (and doing very nicely there), not Wales FFS... [website link]

Tuesday 5th August

Match the Hat Club - Love Lounge - [more info]

Wednesday 6th August


Lunatic 8-piece high-speed Spanish party animals playing a Galician folk-inflected version of that unstoppable Euro festival punk/ska/rap beat that started around Mano Negra (Manu Chao) and has been dancing all over any opposition ever since. The summer is this way. [website link]

August 10-17th Bath Folk Festival

Sunday 10th August (lunchtime)

Benjamin Folke Thomas (& Band)

Scandinavian Acid-folkie with hypnotic band; Ben has been getting better & more legendary by the year, but strangely no more famous. O well, everyone else's loss is our gain. [website link]

Monday 11th August

The Broken Boat

Indie/Folk combining the quirky songwriting that Indie does best with the decent command of their instruments that is de rigeur for folk, and a playful attitude all too often absent from both. [website link]

Tuesday 12th August

Match the Hat Club - Love Lounge - [more info]

Wednesday 13th August

Bonfire Radicals

Politics you can dance to from lusty Northern folk/punks with the anything-goes spirit of the Free Festivals in their lineup and music. Folk-Rock for a new generation. [website link]

Sunday 17th August (lunchtime)

Frank Fairfield

Fresh from California, plays fiddle, guitar and banjo while singing and hollering, and he's a bit of a one-off. Lost-in-time old-time americana, and as classic-sounding material as anyone back in the day. A something special session. [website link]

Monday 18th August


Absolutely the antithesis of the Folk Festival - whilst still being groovy, hip and rootsy, of course - Monsieur John Paul Gard on the Mighty Hammond-alike, Mr Ben Waghorn wagging his horn (Tenor Sax to be precise), and a groovemaster drummer as yet unnamed. This rocks, this grooves, this is cool as cool as cool.

Tuesday 19th August

Match the Hat Club - Love Lounge - [more info]

Wednesday 20th August


Thrown out of all the galaxy's more salubrious societies for the grievesome crime of over-zealous partying, 5KAD have been known to lay waste to an entire planet's economy in an evening's hedonism. Your only protection is to surrender to the funk and let it take you higher.

Saturday 23rd August

6pm Parker & the Suitcase

Hardcore buskology with a Greenwich Village heart

9pm Compadres

Bristol Latino funk and instrumental swagger. Dance or flash on the fretboard fireworks

Sunday 24th August

1pm Petites Annonces

Chanson Français meets Gipsy Swing - they're cousins anyhow - and class stays ahead.

4pm Lady Nade & The Silhouette

Sublime laidback soul voice recruits top sidemen and stoops to conquer.

8pm Balança

Brazillian Bossa focussed by top local jazzers with swing & sass.

Monday 25th August

Boxcar Aldous Huxley

Eccentric Acoustic Orchestra with an entire auction-room worth of odd instruments, members from a dozen other great Bristol bands, and a sophisticated (if bizarre) lyric pallette (hence the name). Their album is great too - bring an extra tenner... Hell... buy two! [website link]

Tuesday 26th August

Match the Hat Club - Love Lounge - [more info]

Wednesday 27th August

Zora & The Tatsmiths

From the Brighton / Festival ferment that brought you Los Albertos, etc., but properly Fem-fronted this time; you know the sort of thing you'll be getting: a Shangri-La late night bar band without the overcrowding or queuing - and the drinks are even affordable. Even more fun tan being in a feild right now. [website link]

Sunday 31st August (lunchtime)


More Spanish vibes (what the hell they doing over here, then?) melding Celtic Folk with Flamenco and North African groove; heavens, even a few club-style rhythms. Listeners tend to become quite evangelical about how good they are, see if it grabs you like it did us... [website link]