Live Music at The Bell

"The Bell has always been a key part of Bath's live music scene, often giving musicians their first break and always providing music that is vibrant, diverse and free." - Peter Gabriel

The Bell has live music three times a week (Monday from 9pm, Wednesday from 8.30pm and Sunday lunchtimes from 1pm) ranging from jazz to blues to folk to roots to some things we are not sure what to call.

 March 2015 LISTINGS

Sunday 1st March (lunchtime)

Tangle Club
Our ol' pal Craig Crofton (saxes) & squeezebox champion Eddie Jay (plus percussionist TBC) take a jaunt around folk musics of the world associated with the accordion family, foremost among them the ankle-twisting timing & dynamics of Eastern Europe, and, as the name implies, the emotions, melodies and inescapable swing of the Tango.

Monday 2nd March

Bad Sneakers
Eric Okafo & Jerry Crozier Cole we know, and you'll be musically salivating already. Plus Barney Sage on drums & Jack Baldus on keys and vocoder, which last might be a clue (as well as the band-name) that we'll be heading into '70s jazz-tinged future funkland. Smooth but stiletto-sharp.

Wednesday 4th March

Guys in disguise concealing but showing off, one-time long-time Bell faves who haven't been seen here for a while. Hence the disguise. Confused? Well it's so the bassplayer won't be. It'll all make sense eventually. If you like highspeed internationalist folkery as much as I do you'll be at this one and enjoying the close-up.

Sunday 8th March (lunchtime)

Phil King & Band
Bristol singer-songwriter working his way up to a national reputation for having a simply gorgeous voice and knowing just what to do with it in action and setting. He's also seriously hard-working and has crammed a lot of performance and artistic experience into his career so far. And so is always worth catching up with.

Monday 9th March

Claiming dub influences usually means the band in question doesn't know how to start or finish their tunes, and probably doesn't write songs either, but not here. Sharp, well-constructed, rocks as well as grooves, lawksamercy there is clearly original intelligence at work here. And you can dance to it, natch.

Wednesday 11th March

New generation psych/prog wonders in welcome return. Don't be afraid: some of the tunes might be a bit long, but that's only so they can fit all the exciting bits in. Greatcoats not compulsory, in fact they'd inhibit your dancing.

Sunday 15th March (lunchtime)

Dila V and the Oddbeats 
Stunning new Balkan/Middle Eastern singer and collective based in London. Everything you like about Ottoman music (most of us mostly know this from the Greek version) with the cross-fertilisation of those great trading nations. Lovely singer, strong instrumental voices, hipswaying rhythms. Get the Raki in.

Monday 16th March

The Little Unsaid
Not a band so much as a multimedia concept, yeah, right, I know what you're thinking, but yer man here, John Elliott, has one heck of a way with words and has managed to pull off the electro-acoustic future folk of which so many laptop cats dreamed yet failed to actualise. Keep watching, could be a Major Artist in the making.

Wednesday 18th March

Craobh Rua
We're celebrating Paddy's a day late (so we don't have to wear green plastic hats, for one thing) with one of the best Irish bands we've had the good fortune to encounter these last few years. That these fellers are from the North of that island accounts for them sounding a little different and perhaps a little more fiery...

Sunday 22nd March (lunchtime) 

Dan Walsh
Banjo-wielding phenomenon who confounds expectations and breaks rules (including ours) with style and insouciance. Pretty much every folk style going is grist to his mill, so don't imagine you can dismiss him with a "heard it before" before you've heard it. And indeed again.

Monday 23rd March

Radio Banska
Jazz strings with the accent on Eastern European Folk, Hispano-swing, and the gypsies and other wandering folk who spread those tunes between them. Bath-based and utterly cosmopolitan, this is one of our city's best little groups of the moment and missing a home gig would be foolish.

Tuesday 24th March

Caravaggio + Sam Evans Band
A night of Funk Rock at the Bell in Bath with Caravaggio supported by the amazing soul of Sam Evans Band.

Wednesday 25th March

James Morton's Funky Affair
An extra star-studded version of the Morton & Mates pick-up party, 're hoping. Not only is JM one of the smarter young saxophonists in the country, but he also grew up with all the dancefloor stuff as his natural language, so while he's undoubtedly smart he's not talking down to you when he's getting down. He IS down.

Sunday 29th March (lunchtime)

Aaron Catlow & Kit Hawes
These two are known for their roles in Sheelanagig, Medicine Creek, etc., and are frankly two of the most ferociously fluent instrumentalists in the southwest. Catching them in the less formal setting can bring out a bit more than familiar party tricks too. Treat it as a masterclass if you play fiddle or guitar, or just a class in fun if not.

Monday 30th March

David Celia & Joan Besen
DC will have a regular gig here till he's properly world famous (and, knowing him, he'll be back even then). Everything in the last 60 years or guitar-based music is in here somewhere, with delivery & great original material to match. Which makes him sound like a sofa, but that's OK too