mandolinsmall1"The Bell has always been a key part of Bath's live music scene, often giving musicians their first break and always providing music that is vibrant, diverse and free." - Peter Gabriel

The Bell has live music three times a week (Monday from 9pm, Wednesday from 8.30pm and Sunday lunchtimes from 1pm) ranging from jazz to blues to folk to roots to some things we are not sure what to call.

There are more bands every Wednesday in the Love Lounge too. [more info]

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April 2014 LISTINGS

 Wednesday 2nd April

The Damn Busters

The soulful sultry even (whisper it) laid-back side of the Contraband Sessions mafie, featuring the sublime voice of Mr Kirris Riviere and a groovin' gang besides. Old School is nu skool is... who cares? The Blues has rhythm. [Facebook link]

Sunday 6th April (lunchtime)


The elusive Hodmadod sticks its head out of its hidey-hole on a Spring morning and decides whether to venture further. Various factors - notably mild weather and strong beer - come into play. If the creature makes it as far as the bar its cries are said by some experts to be strangely harmonious, and its intricate behaviour with guitars can be fascinating for devotees of matters folk. Will we be lucky? Will being lucky include being here? [website link]

Monday 7th April

David Celia

Spot on perfect power pop shades into all the good things about classic rock with a little sunshine psych to stop anyone getting too serious, and the occasional sidelight of utter originality that lets you know we're onto a real one here. Dave and pals can do it all and it continues to flabber our ghasts that he's not mega. Well he is, but only in here and tonight. [website link]

Tuesday 8th April

Match the hat club - Love Lounge

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Wednesday 9th April

Lapis Lazuli

We can slip the odd prog or psych flavour past the guardians of good taste nowadays, and are taking every advantage tonight. LL are from Canterbury - like those Syd Arthur chaps - and are partial to half-hour sci-fi epics. Naturally, musicianship scores highly, but there's also the strong sense of rhythm, and that will get to you first. [Facebook link]

Sunday 13th April (lunchtime)

Elise Yuill

Elise Yuill is a singer songwriter from South Somerset with a rather fine repertoire of ethereal folk songs and quirky americana tunes.  “Simple, soulful sounds which restore the world to order” Radio Dj Sara Vian. [Facebook link]

Monday 14th April

Matt Woosey Trio

What starts at Blues and starts with Matt's guitar can go a lot further than the Dad-Rock snooze, especially with his hard-working bass & drums are on
hand. Matt's worth seeing for the quality of his stage shirts alone, but he's rapidly becoming a modern master of the style too. [website link]

Tuesday 15th April

Match The Hat Club (Love Lounge) CANCELLED

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Wednesday 16th April


People been recommending this melodic reggae-based far-west mob to us for years now and shamefully we've not got it together till tonight, but that's going to make it all the sweeter. Positive vibrations all round! [website link]

Sunday 20th April (From 1pm)

The Sweet Lowdown / The Doubtful Guest /  The Montgomerys

From Canada, 3 ladies with a roving eye for old-time and bluegrass hot-spots, multi-award winning back home and on a jaunt over here for strictly fun. [website link]

From the fecund and sick imagination of Edward Gorey (well, sort-of) the Guest are a bit more rockin' with their country pie and can blow the roof off if they're so minded. [myspace link]

The Montgomerys: High energy rocking Americana with three singers stacking up the harmonies and some classic tunes & tones. We're a bar so we love great bar bands! [Soundcloud link]

Monday 21st April (From 4pm)

BD Lenz / Billy in the Lowground /plus one more

It's eclecticism Holiday Monday!

Billy in the Lowground: From WiIltshire with a healthy and indeed hefty helping of home-grown rolk/rock and characterful writing. [website link]

BD Lenz: from New York with a wildly electric jazz guitar in the Jeff Beck kind of mould, a genuine future master [website link]

Tuesday 22nd April

Match The Hat Club (Love Lounge)

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Wednesday 23rd April

The Pushy Doctors

There are few words - or else far too many - for how great these guys are. Andy Sheppard, Tony Orrell, Dan Moore, there have been few better players in the area. And this is what they do for fun (the 'serious' stuff comes in at major concert hall prices). Some of it's jazz, some of it you could play to your favourite five-year-old, some of the tunes you'll know, most of them will make you smile too. [Facebook link]

Sunday 27th April (lunchtime)

Jez Hellard & The Djukella Orchestra

A lot of the new trad-folk boom has come out of the music colleges, and a lot of it is, umm, quite polite as a result. Jez here learned his trade in pubs, at festivals, around camp-fires, and it shows. A great folk name of the future, started on his best work already. [website link]

Monday 28th April

Led Bib

A decade in, and the 4th & 5th albums out to coincide with this tour (album no.4 was nominated for a Mercury Prize) LB haven't yet stopped forging ahead. Some of it's art/rock, some of it's post-rock, some if it is indeed jazz; none of it is at all clichéd or hidebound. Arts Council supported tour and not at all the sort of thing you can get in a pub on a Monday night anywhere else. [website link]

Tuesday 29th April

Match the hat club - Love Lounge

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Wednesday 30th April

Land of the Giants

Next season's new festy favourites - get in there now and know the tunes by the summer - their website calls them "a twelve legged horny beast who will dance with anyone" which is cheesy as feck but happens to be true. Ska and other 4 to the floor rhythms, plus giant energy. [website link]