Live Music at The Bell

"The Bell has always been a key part of Bath's live music scene, often giving musicians their first break and always providing music that is vibrant, diverse and free." - Peter Gabriel

The Bell has live music three times a week (Monday from 9pm, Wednesday from 8.30pm and Sunday lunchtimes from 1pm) ranging from jazz to blues to folk to roots to some things we are not sure what to call.

June 2015 LISTINGS

Monday 1st June

Bruce Molsky

US old-time (and beyond) fiddler who has been a major figure in the most recent revival, and an inspiration to hundreds of others. Afficionadi expected out en masse but anyone who loves acoustic music will get a lot from this.

Wednesday 3rd June


Celestine herself has already been the voice of some top Bristol soundscapes and backed up some big names: now with her own band (led by our young pal Mr James Morton) she's going to be the Face too. Funky soul into jazz.

Sunday 7th June (lunchtime)


Guitar Godling Mr Paul Bradley in solo mode, impro with some pre-prepared bits, reference points connect to new album Banich Cherish, reviewed thus by FRoots magazine: "the whole thing is very atmospheric and moving, and unlike anything else you’re likely to hear." Truth.

The Duckworths & Calamity Poets (evening)

It's the last night of the Fringe & the inaugural Walcot Arts Weekend, and we celebrate in utterly Walcot Street manner with two of the many bands pretty much formed within these very walls.

Monday 8th June

Lapis Lazuli

Psych/Prog in excelsis, with strong Fusion and Worldbeat flavours, and they're actually from Canterbury. Can't fail to please the specialists, but all fans of rhythm workouts and instruments pushed to the limits will love 'em too.

Wednesday 10th June

Imperial Leisure

Ska from the Two-Tone kinda direction, with all the usual extra influences we expect from established figures on the festival circuit, and the cheeky subversive attitude you need to carry off a band with those 2 words in the title...

Sunday 14th June (lunchtime)

James Blackshaw

People who really do know what they're talking about compare Mr Blackshaw to legends of the solo acoustic guitar like John Fahey or Robbie Basho - and now, for the first time since hitting cult status, he's singing too. Long-form 12-string pieces with approval from both Acousticians and Post-Rockers.

Monday 15th June


Intergalactic Lounge music with an art-ery that runs back to Bristol's renowned Spaceways (deep into the Mr. Ra Mr. Ree well before it came into fashion), and possessing more than their fair share of the vision and devotion to duty it takes to pull that sort of thing off. Not much else like this about, either.

Wednesday 17th June

Blackberry Wood

Canadian Carnival-cum-Circus crew with their own special angle on most things, great showmanship, strong rhythm and the endless fascination to see what new beauties and bruties mainman Kris brings with him this time.

Sunday 21st June (lunchtime)

Chris Jagger Band

World acoustic groove with folk, blues, cajun and southern fried spices, from the more downhome of the Messrs. Jagger, in company of some of our favourite westcountry musicians. Keeping it real.

Monday 22nd June

My Baby

Striking psych blues from Holland, and really The 'Dam is one of the few places this sound could be generated. Let it take you and it will take you somewhere interesting. Freak Out!

Wednesday 24th June

The Vitalics

It's the reggae faction of the unstoppable Contraband Beats brotherhood, and the classic vocal-led 45s are their inspiration (frequently also ours). Send you on with a skip in your step a smile on your face and a melody on your mind...

Sunday 28th June (lunchtime)

Light Garden

Folk of the northlands from the ever-inventive Mr Dave Moss and friends: expect everything from jolly wyrdfolk ditties through the rootsiest Trad. to deep mystic overtone singing - and you'll still be surprised by something. Utter originals.

Monday 29th June

The Acousticians

Fifi Fiddle (World Govt., Vladimir Steamboat, et al.) and familar chums do the ultra-impro jam band thing but acoustic style - folk tunes for funk - but groove unstoppable just the same. If anyone round can pull that sort of a trick off, she'll know them well, have played with them, and inveigled them into the project for sure. Looking forward to this one!

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