Live Music at The Bell

"The Bell has always been a key part of Bath's live music scene, often giving musicians their first break and always providing music that is vibrant, diverse and free." - Peter Gabriel

The Bell has live music three times a week (Monday from 9pm, Wednesday from 8.30pm and Sunday lunchtimes from 1pm) ranging from jazz to blues to folk to roots to some things we are not sure what to call.

August 2015 LISTINGS

Sunday 2nd August (lunchtime)
Trembling Bells

Touring their brand new album which counterbalances recent jaunts as Stringband substitutes with Mike Heron by crunching a handful of microdots and setting stomp-boxes to stun, their original folkier following should be joined by some of more modernist tendencies. This one rocks too, and it's only lunchtime.

Monday 3rd August
Dakhla Brass

Probably the most exciting brass-fronted operation in the southwest right now, and they too touting a new album. Propelled by Matt Brown on the drums, but driven by the exquisite Charlotte Ostafew, and with the infinite subtleties of Pete Judge extending their vocabulary... Don't think if it as jazz, more like free fusion energy.

Wednesday 5th August
Kangaroo Moon

Any problems you may have been having with your summer are entirely due to not having spent enough time yet with the K'moonies. Essence of sunshine and Festival Feeling, with the perennial/millennial Celtic Trance holy grail tucked in the back pocket.

Sunday 9th August (lunchtime)

Eastern European music that could only have come from London - and we mean this most positively: the capital's immense breadth of world music from its own streets have blended in the writing, beats and performance of this gently ground-breaking combo.

Monday 10th August
Immigrant Swing

They're calling it Bristol Riot Swing, and all credt to the big place up the road, they have indeed managed to put another spin on the gipsy-into-hiphop schtick that still carries festival audiences all over the country before it. Blues and personal experience figure strongly in there too: this is a music that is felt, not just imagined.

Wednesday 12th August

Replacement for the advertised Aughisky, this one also features fiddle-whizz Gina Griffin, but is also a rare concert appearance by the band who have been backing No Fit State Circus on their recent shows. Big fun and easy to get on with blend of absolutely anything that works with the accent on tunes - plus a few flash-bangs.

Sunday 16th August (lunchtime)
The String Contingent

Virtuoso string-driven explorations that start at folk and range as far as neo-classical, from Scots/Australian trio. Beautiful AND brainy, just my type!

Monday 17th August
The Underscore Orkestra

On tour from Portland Oregon, this crew work the Balkan/Klezmer/Swing-plus fields with the 200% commitment to entertainment that our cousins across the pond are rightly renowned for. This will be a riotous night, and that's just onstage. The rest is up to you!

Wednesday 19th August
The Tatsmiths

Sundry Brighton alt.allstars (Tragics, Albertos) and friends backing and boosting firebrand fem Zora on songs and singing. Easy to hear why they care. Catchy, dancey, and it's good for you.

Sunday 23rd August (lunchtime)
Joff Lowson's Antique Popsters

Multi-skilled bluegrass allstar package plays around with some classic songs, some on-genre and some glaring anachronisms, making them all uniformy lovely and straight from '50s pop heaven. Time-travel in your own lunchtime.

Monday 24th August

Sophie Stockham was in here with Dakhla at the beginning of the month, and now near the end with her own band on a different tip altogether (the band name is a John Zorn tune, if that's a clue). We enerally try to avoid just listing band members, but when they're of the calibre of Matt Brown, Jake Mc Murchie, Greg Cordez & Joe Wilkins there really is little to be meaningfully added.

Wednesday 26th August
The Damn Busters

The silver-voiced Kirris & Kompanions come round one more time to demonstrate that there's nothing not to like in show tunes, blues and standards when they're delivered with such swing and swagger. Deserved local favourites.

Saturday 29th August
Contraband Dub Sessions

Bristol Dub is justifiably world-renowned, and the Contraband musicians' club vibe works perfectly for it: take a bundle of players & friends from different bands (Vitalics, Mankala, etc.) who fancy playing together, and let 'em rip - Dubble Dubstyle!!

Sunday 30th August (lunchtime)
Ansum and the Vibes

Fronted by charismatic Ansum, his backing band the Vibes feature a plethora of multicultural pro musicians. Difficult to stereotype but think old school reggae mixed with soul, funky grooves and smooth beatz. Come and enjoy AV in intimate surroundings before they explode on the international music scene.

Monday 31st August
The Dubsouls

Rhythmites captain Mr Murph always has been able to call upon the finest of local groovers to sail whatever ship he has in mind, and this coool jazz-inflected reggae orchestra is no exception. It may be an overheated weekend but we have the remedy for you tonight.

Upcoming listings

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