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plivesm"The Bell has always been a key part of Bath's live music scene, often giving musicians their first break and always providing music that is vibrant, diverse and free." - Peter Gabriel

The Bell has free live music three times a week (Monday from 9pm, Wednesday from 9pm and Sunday lunchtimes from 1pm) ranging from jazz to blues to folk to roots to some things we are not sure what to call.

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December 2016 LISTINGS

Sunday 4th December (lunchtime)
Richard Dawson

Much beloved of The Quietus, The Wire, you know the score. The Guardian says "a strange, discordant reconfiguration of English folk traditions". Some are going to love this (his show in Bristol last night is already sold out) but it's not a normal sleepy Sunday lunchtime. See ya there anyway!

Monday 5th December
Kieran Towers & Charlotte Carrivick

Charlotte you'll remember from working with her sister, also Cardboard Fox, and more. Keiran plays fiddle in the acclaimed Hot Rock Pilgrims. Old-Time & bluegrass from young firebrands.

Tuesday 6th December
Edd Keene: The Green Man

Live loop extravaganza. Way back, Edd was among the early adopters of this technology and that means he's really gone native with it. Grooviness will ensue.

Wednesday 7th December
Spin Te Ku (Spain)

Balkan/Klezmer ska etc. direct from Madrid. These guys are mates of Buffo's Wake, which is a good start, and are over playing a big seasonal bash. Party like the end of the month came round really quick!

Sunday 11th December (lunchtime)
Bill Smarme & The Bizness

The real meaning of two weeks before Xmas: your dodgy uncle with the strange sense of style and dubious musical taste having a couple of pints too many one afternoon and sounding off. Strangely fascinating. Of course it's a Tradition.

Monday 12th December
Errol's KItchen

Jazzy funky instrumentals with a wonky heart from bunch of Bristol-town faces. We go way back with these boys individually so it was a real pleasure to see them link up, like when two of your best friends get together.

Wednesday 14th December
The Hot Tin Roofs

These cats can swing, and if it's a night on the tiles you're after, this is the essential first step (and a shimmy). '50s sleazy glamour: great songs, great moves and some sharp-suited playing too.

Sunday 18th December (lunchtime)
Beth Porter, Jools Scott & Friends

The real meaning of Xmas Music. Half really clever hard work and half half-remembered stuff you get away with 'cos everyone's having too much fun to listen too hard. Beth & Jools have more friends and relations than AAMilne's Rabbit so talent will be unconfined. Certainly a Walcot Tradition.

Monday 19th December

The real meaning of the Star of Bethlehem: a rocket or a skatalite or something else early '60s futurist. Top Westcountry party band plays the pre-reggae music of Jamaica. You will have a little too much to drink, skank about a bit, and look way cool. It's the tradition.

Tuesday 20th December
Leonie Evans

Time was you could see the lovely Leonie behind the bar in here, but nowadays she's much more familiar to international audiences, the States, Europe, anywhere fun really. A voice and a personality that shines through the songs.

Wednesday 21st December
The Soul Ingredients

Our Xmas presents to you are piling up, can you get in through the door? (There seem to be a lot of friends in too). Sharp renditions of classic '60s RnB, but not the ones off that compilation your boss always insists on playing at the party. And the best singer.

Monday 26th December
Johnny G

The real meaning of the Day After. Johnny's a man who knows a thing or two about Morning After Blues, and has forgotten more great songs than most of us ever knew. You need to get out of the house and get a pint or three down you in good company. It's the tradition and John's a Legend.

Wednesday 28th December
Mango Factory

Making a serious bid for top division status in the Bristol/Bath festival band league, the MFs chuck ska, pachanga, hiphop, rumba and a whole lot of other spices into the mix. This is what you need if you think you're flagging at this time of the holiday...

Saturday 31st December

Live bands, DJ sets, Fancy Dress - the best party in the the best place. Check the NYE posters for details. Tickets £19. [Event Page]


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