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plivesm"The Bell has always been a key part of Bath's live music scene, often giving musicians their first break and always providing music that is vibrant, diverse and free." - Peter Gabriel

The Bell has free live music three times a week (Monday from 9pm, Wednesday from 9pm and Sunday lunchtimes from 1pm) ranging from jazz to blues to folk to roots to some things we are not sure what to call.

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August 2016 LISTINGS

Monday 1st August
Magick Brothers

Trio with 2 members: Mark Robson (Kangaroo Moon, etc.) Graham Clark (Gongmaison, Shapeshifter, etc.) so it shouldn't take an awful lot of detective work to divine the missing third. Daevid continues to be a member in spirit.

Tuesday 2nd August
Mike & Solveig

From Glasgow & Bergen via the incomparable Trembling Bells; this will be psych-folk, yes, but it will be very well done!

Wednesday 3rd August
Duncan Disorderly & The Scallywags

Multi-Festival faves not heard much in this part of the world but an obvious Bell fit: the only hitch was going to be getting them here but they're on tour so here they are! Very dancey worldbeat internationale!

Friday 5th August
Beatles Night at The Bell

Friday August 5th this year marks the 50th anniversary of the release of the classic lp Revolver. We at The Bell are planning to celebrate the occasion with a night of Fab Four music.

5pm til 8pm - Mr. E and Paragon sounds play The Beatles originals and covers on vinyl. 

The rest of the night is all live Beatles tunes by the Bell's local artists. 
We will collect on the night for the Myotonic Dystrophy Support Group

Bath Folk Festival at The Bell (until Sunday 14)

Sunday 7th August (lunchtime)
Nine Tree Stumblers

Old Time American Acoustic enthusiasts who can as it happens hold their own with the genyewine Transatlantic article. The smart ones will have seen their faces around before, but this is their smartest band yet.

Monday 8th August

Reminds obscurantists like me of the happy bits of legendary Wyrd-folk pioneers Comus. The rest of the world will admire a different way with a song with strings, and a nice new angle on some well known trad tunes too.

Wednesday 10th August
The Soul Ingredients

Probably the best revival soul revue band in the west. Certainly the best singer. We tend to steer clear of this style 'cos they're usually 99% cliche. These guys can do it, they play sharp and they mean it.

Sunday 14th August (lunchtime)
Dana Immanuel & The Stolen Band

Favourite band of the summer so far. Hard-bitten whiskey-soaked dames, with a sense of humour but without the cliches the men bring to the image. Plus a bit of TomWaitsish weird and devilishly good harmonies. What is there not to like?

Monday 15th August
The Convulsions

High energy dancing on the tables type electric blues from harp man front man organ man all round dynamo Ben Ruth and suitably sleazy sidemen.

Tuesday 16th August
Jon Hicks & Cornelia Keating

Might be the best plectrum style Irish guitarist you'll ever see, and he sings a good story too. The real stuff.

Wednesday 17th August

Cancel tomorrow! On a boho circus burlesque mission from Amsterdam to Boomtown, they will make you live the whole of all of that in one evening in the pub. If you want more entertainment, Google the woman they took the name from..

Sunday 21st August (lunchtime)
The Acousticians

Fifi Fiddle (World Govt.), Katie Elliot (Big Fish, George Mabusa Group), Emma Holbrook (World Govt.), Charlotte Ostafew (Zen Hussies, Dakhla) are here to demonstrate they can do the total groove impro thing with acoustic instruments, a wider stylistic palette (touching jazz & world/folk too), and Girl Power!

Monday 22nd August
Lady Nade

Blues and soul and jazz and all things dark and sultry, but tho' you've heard that story before, Nadine here has something entirely her own to bring to the party. Backed by some of Bristol's finest just to prove that we ain't the only ones to think so.

Wednesday 24th August
Amadou Diagne & Group Yakar

Senegal via Bath, making friends wherever he goes; and now with unquestionably his finest band, giving him and them development time and still more potential. See how far he's been!

Sunday 28th August (1-11pm)
LOVE EU DAY - A musical celebration.

The Kirris Riviere Blues Band (1pm)

How Blue can a Blues Boy be? This Blue... Great contemporary blues from guys who don't usually play it, backing superlative American-in-Bristol singer. 

TBC (3.30pm)

Petites Annonces (6pm)

A long-matured blend of Manouche guitar swing (invented by Gypsies in France & Belgium) with French chanson (the most sophisticated of all pre-pop songwriter styles). With actual French singing for the chewy bits.

Solana (9pm)

Pan-European dance/folk/festival band (via Bristol). Guaranteed to give Mr Gove a headache, and Mrs May will probably throw them out of the country (even the ones from here.)

Pizza by The Pizza Bike (from 12.30pm)

Monday 29th August
Ickes & Hensley

Recommended to us by the bluegrass mafia - if you don't know, we ain't telling - direct from Nashville, virtuoso nu country with leanings to the '60s and deeper back, especially in the quality. You will be as impressed as we all were.

Tuesday 30th August
Matt Owens

Once upon a time there was a band called Noah & the Whale. Matt was in it - but he's better now. Spending some time in Bath, Matt's just our type, he can't resist playing to a new audience, and we had this date, and, well there ya go.

Wednesday 31st August
The Pushy Doctors

Andy Sheppard, Dan Moore, Tony Orrel. Some great tunes with a twinkle. Unquestionably world-class players. Jazz // not Jazz. All you need to know. Except you ought to be here.


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