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plivesm"The Bell has always been a key part of Bath's live music scene, often giving musicians their first break and always providing music that is vibrant, diverse and free." - Peter Gabriel

The Bell has free live music three times a week (Monday from 9pm, Wednesday from 9pm and Sunday lunchtimes from 1pm) ranging from jazz to blues to folk to roots to some things we are not sure what to call.

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March 2017 LISTINGS

Wednesday 1st March
George Mabusa Group
George left us but his tunes live on, as played here by all star Bristol muso cast assembled by Chris (World Govt.) Powell. Carnival/Caribbean Jazz with great tunes, a whole lot of swing, maximum respect and much love.

Sunday 5th March (lunchtime)
Flaky Jake
Jake goes back to the dawn of time round here, even back to the halcyon days when Tex-Mex accordion was a buzzing new thing that filled dancefloors. Jake (with his London band this time) still plays it like that was only yesterday, skipping through Cajun, folk and more along the way. Definitely worth getting up on a Sunday for.

Monday 6th March
The FB Pocket Orchestra
Blues, Ragtime, Hot Jazz, Songs and Dances from 1920/30s & earlier, played by people young enough to have none of the preconceptions about how this stuff should sound, which nearly consigned one of the most exciting periods in music last century to the graveyard of Radio 2. Seriously rather hot stuff.

Tuesday 7th March
The Undercover Hippy (solo)
Not really too undercover in here, TBH, but, sure, for one of the best songwriters and communicators on the Festival circuit we can pretend a little...

Wednesday 8th March
Another lineup change and another temporary name change from perennial Festival Faves trying out the new boy on us (in the nicest possible way) before a string of gigs which might not be as friendly as this one. If you like to throw yourself around to high speed world folkification you won't want to be anywhere else tonight.

Sunday 12th March (lunchtime)
Davis Lindley Mullan
Andy Davis exuding sheer class in the company of what might not be his most famous band but is arguably his best. Lunchtimes really don't get much better.

Monday 13th March
Mikey Kenney (Trio)
Liverpool Irish Fiddle & Banjo player, Singer, Composer, and the rest: one of a kind, you will be saying by the end of the evening. Does his own thing, you might say: is his own thing, more like...

Wednesday 15th March
The Great Malarkey
Waltz, Waits, and Weill-style from international met-in-London conspiracy who have been so busy making friends in Denmark and elsewhere that their British crowds may have felt neglected and turned to frankly inferior competition. New album very imminent and all running at peak condition, don't miss!

Sunday 19th March (lunchtime)
Back Before Breakfast
It's the name of a tune, like many great bands (and stories), and tho' these gents don't stumble in at 8am much any more, you can sense they still have it in them... Folk, Country and idiosyncratic own material. [myspace link]

Monday 20th March
Taking their name from a John Zorn track, which will get attention from the well clued-in among you; otherwise it's another set of dispatches from where Jazz meets the modern cross-border world, with a full complement of top Bristol musos and tunes that could only be theirs.

Tuesday 21st March
Phil King
Honey-voiced Phil gets the plaudits from the media nowadays, but he's always had the still stronger recommendation that is the respect of his peers. Touring to support new album The Wreckage, recorded at Real World.

Wednesday 22nd March
Zen Hussies
They have to pop up every now and again to remind our younger viewers who built the swing bandwagon round here, and whose songs are actually the ones you go home whistling. We believe them when they say it's one if their favourite gigs - it's one of ours too!

Sunday 26th March (lunchtime)
The original Nasrudin is the Cosmic Joker of the Arab world, of whom as many stories are told as any hero of anywhere. Tunes are like stories (some may also be like jokes, of course) and this latest incarnation of the No.1 Bath Folk Team will be spinning musical yarns aplenty and doubtless running way over time today with the sheer exuberance of them all...

Monday 27th March
Found these young chaps at BoomTown last year, and as the memory lasted (a good trick at that notorious party paradise) that's a good sign they could be something special. Pumping with Soul Power but stacking originality high above retro fetishism, there should be more goid times where these came from.

Wednesday 29th March
There's no melons here mate, and no Carry-On, either. What there is is a superbly functioning funk/soul/hip hop hybrid with blues in their backbone. A classic night out every time.



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