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plivesm"The Bell has always been a key part of Bath's live music scene, often giving musicians their first break and always providing music that is vibrant, diverse and free." - Peter Gabriel

The Bell has free live music three times a week (Monday from 9pm, Wednesday from 9pm and Sunday lunchtimes from 1pm) ranging from jazz to blues to folk to roots to some things we are not sure what to call.

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July 2016 LISTINGS

Sunday 3rd July (lunchtime)

Original lineup Fairport, had the British hit version of 'Woodstock', but Plainsong will probably be remembered as the best of Iain. Andy, notwithstanding, is also known for being an integral member of the legendary The Liverpool Scene and Grimms, also sideman for a host of '70s greats. What they do together today is worthy of their illustrious past.

Monday 4th July

Acoustic and most harmonious Dutch fems with multi-cultural multi-skilled multi-instrumentalist chops. You know Michael Gove hates you listening to this sort of thing? Reason enough, then! 

Tuesday 5th July
Mal Webb & Kylie Morrigan

The alert will remember hearing Mal before as a soloist and free-form looping raconteur multi-instrumentalist-mentalist. Kylie functions as a reference centre whilst skittering off in all directions herself. The chemistry is excellent, anyway.

Wednesday 6th July
Immigrant Swing

Yes! The Autonomous Republic of Walcot welcomes immigrant music of all kinds 'cos it gets on really well with ours. I.S. blends jazz, gipsy, hiphop, groove and a large dollop of righteous truth-telling into one of the most mould-breaking of bands in the area.

Sunday 10th July (lunchtime)
Dr. Zebo's Wheezy Club

Familar faces Simon Taylor, Mike Fossett and Ralf Dorrell, the former 2 memorable from the long-running Electric Lobsters dance band (and Ralph from a million others), do a swing-into-folk thing that is so plain likeable I expect you'll all be best friends afterwards.

Monday 11th July

Mr Murph - top guitar wrangler in town for some years, let me insist - in celebratory pre-wedding gig with some of his bestest musical mates. Everything in his long musical past from jazz to reggae to stone groove will be in there somewhere.

Wednesday 13th July

This has quickly escalated from being the Ethiopique side-project of assorted Count Bobo-ists and other Bristol/Bath musical eccentrics into one of the most interesting bands in the southwest, with strong material of their own reminiscent of Jerry Dammers, Sun Ra, '70s new thing soul/jazz etc. 

Sunday 17th July (lunchtime)
The Shrinks

Harmony-heavy, melody-besotted, and with some of the most incisive lyrics you'll get running on a Sunday lunchtime, The Shrinks have made something that is their own, no mean feat for what is basically a side-project for people with other musical careers. Bet this one is more fun.

Monday 18th July
BD Lenz

Very classy NY-based guitarist in a contemporary jazz-into-rock mode on his annual British tour which always goes down well round here, not least because yer man demonstrably has not only the requisite chops, but also a feeling for what the non-specialist listener grooves to. Plus support @ 8pm

Tuesday 19th July
Robb Johnson

Britain's best political songwriter, and do we need this sort of thing right now... And if that's not serious enough, Robb also has a strong line in WWI material. And lots of great choruses!

Wednesday 20th July
Calico Jack

Pirates of the K&A, laying waste to propriety and predictability in music, lifestyle, and even what direction any song may be going at any given moment. We love 'em. Walk the prank!

Sunday 24th July (lunchtime)
The Pete Gage Band

Renowned local bluesmeister who has come from backing Jet Harris in the mid-'60s through filling the dirty white suit at the front of Doctor Feelgood in the '90s, but we at The Bell have always know his own bands are the best.

Monday 25th July

Australian trance and loop groovers who were welcome visitors round these parts every year for many, but not heard for a while. Always a reliable night in a different consciousness sphere.

Wednesday 27th July
James Morton Quartet

Noticed the boy was hanging around Bristol again in between his commitments with The Herbaliser, PeeWee Ellis etc., so had to drop one in. One-man breakbeat/funk powerhouse on the saxophone and always with the hottest of bands, JM usually blows the roof off and we don't expect this to be any different.

Saturday 30th July
Otava Yo

Warm-up gig for Womad from this extraordinary Russian 7-piece. Playing everything from rock'n'roll to Russian Folk via circus & classical music, their website charmingly explains: "We trying not to be very serious, so if you find that you hear something that does not expect to hear, that's exactly what we wanted." Don't miss!

Sunday 31st July (lunchtime)
The Urban Pioneers

From Texas & Tenessee via Pittsburgh PA, this touring trio play old time hillbilly music, western swing, rockabilly, and gypsy tunes with feeling and fire like their life depended on it. Well maybe it does. The real damn deal.


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