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plivesm"The Bell has always been a key part of Bath's live music scene, often giving musicians their first break and always providing music that is vibrant, diverse and free." - Peter Gabriel

The Bell has free live music three times a week (Monday from 9pm, Wednesday from 9pm and Sunday lunchtimes from 1pm) ranging from jazz to blues to folk to roots to some things we are not sure what to call.

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April 2017 LISTINGS

Sunday 2nd April (lunchtime)

Miraculous Mule
There just has be a good story about why, but we don't know it, better ask them. Singer Michael J. Sheehy (name familar to those with long and detailed memories, has played for us before) is a special kind of storyteller. This is Blues, Whiskey Blues, and of a high proof rating.

Monday 3rd April
David Celia & Marla
No comma and no messing: David here is one of our favourite Canadians after Mr Young and assorted Trudeaux, for the quality of his songwriting and his indefatigable spirit. Recalling great music of the '60s and '70s but with his own contemporary tale to tell.

Tuesday 4th April
Clark & Zuppardi
Tuesday Choice: The name sounds like explorers, and that they are: the territory is Bluegrass and Old Time.

Wednesday 5th April
Urban Lions
More unusual animals, these are of the reggae persuasion, but - even though they appear to live in Pewsey - the Urban is the key: all reggae and dub styles with strong flavours from other contemporary urban sounds. Heavy rotation.

Sunday 9th April (lunchtime)
Amadou Diagne & Group Yakar
Loads of experience before we met him (Orchestre National du Senegal, no less), but one day we're all going to be telling people how proud we are that Bath nurtured this man's talent, through intuitive sideman to courageous collaborator to bandleader in his own right. And every time out is better. Deeply-considered contemporary African sound.

Monday 10th April
Pons Aelius
Named after an early attempt to keep Geordies under control, and as such can't be said to have worked for too long, but on the other hand we've heard of it many many years later... so a folk thing i suppose... New school trad folk with great musical intelligence and risk-taking.

Wednesday 12th April
Normanton Street
You'd rightly be a little sceptical of someone promising a new direction in soul and hiphop, but give these guys a moment, you might think they're onto something. From the Northern towns, moved to Brighton to have a crack at the London business, this crew is determined and able and will get through.

Sunday 16th April (lunchtime)
Nuala Honan Band
A woman of many bands - because much in demand - this session will focus on Nuala's own material, the mode in which we first met her and probably her strongest suit too, now reinforced from experience fronting bigger, wilder( and faster) bands. A serious talent.

Monday 17th April
Whiskey Moonface
From the name on in, it's all atmospherics: breathy squeezebox, incantatory clarinet, strange tales of international vagabondance. The character is strong, the dreams are stronger, surely one of the month's highlights if you care to listen.

Tuesday 18th April
Fly Yeti Fly
Tuesday Choice: I'm sure they can! Yet more fabulous creatures, this time with an acoustic and whimsical/folkish premise.

Wednesday 19th April
The Good, The Bad, and the Funk
Maybe not the last tune-slingers in town but frequently the last ones standing at the best parties, Guy Calhoun has been in on our favourite dance bands for a decade or more, so a lineup he's put together himself will be well worth looking in on.

Sunday 23rd April (lunchtime)
It's surely a sign that Summer's not far away when the sleepy Hodmadods come out of hibernation. Join them blinking in the daylight (long nights, see) for folk, acoustic and festival-circuit guitar/voice harmonising.

Monday 24th April
Prof. No-Hair & the Wiglifters
The other 'Man with the Zen wig' (koan © Get The Blessing) wigs out on boogie & blues keys. Plus Tom on Bass and André's legendary drum solo. You know you fancy a pint, and look there's a geezer on the ol' Joanna tonight.

Wednesday 26th April
International gipsy conspiracy to rot your morals with dancing and drinking. You get the idea. The Daily Mail is up in arms and The Home Secretary will have something to say about it. Folk and trad forms from all round the continent and further, made for movement.

Sunday 30th April (lunchtime)
Lewis Creaven
New spin on that electric blues standard The Power Trio - a reboot, no retrofest here - with agile guitar riding adept rhythms, and quality writing too. Blues not dead when it's in six good hands like these.



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