Video Mapping Event

Coinciding with the Bath Fringe Festival 2015, The Bell in Walcot Street commissioned a brilliant video-mapping projection from Tom Newell of Limbic Cinema as part of the ʻBeer and Buildingsʼ trail planned by Bath architects in conjunction with CAMRA, the real ale people.

The Bell was chosen - along with other selected pubs in Bath - because of its 300 year unbroken history as a dedicated coaching inn and much celebrated pub.

Tomʼs brief was to reflect the social and architectural history of The Bell from about 1700 to the present day, and he was encouraged to do this without a hint of the dryness which could find itself tainting a historical project, and we think he did this very well!

If you couldnʼt be there on the three nights of the showing, you can watch the video below.

The funding for this video was provided by the generous sponsorship of various businesses, members and The Bell itself, and a full list of the business sponsors can be found further down the page as well as the on the wall of the pub in the actual projection.

We have been left with a small surplus after all the expenses have been paid, and we are hoping to use this to either enhance the existing video for future projections, or - funds allowing - make a brand new one using the existing mapping that Tom has already created.

All of the sponsors will be credited in any future showings, whether or not the video is completely different and brand new, and any further sponsors will be added to the credits on all future showings.

We have left the sponsorship form below so that you could help make a new video-mapping project a reality - we are already planning something for Christmas or the dark, dreary months which follow it, when we all need cheering up!

Thanks to everyone who made this one happen

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